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16 Apr 24

A cruise with colleagues!

A few days ago, 6 colleagues from Vanne embarked on TANGARA to take a private cruise Les Incontournables du Golfe, enjoying together a moment of relaxation, escape, discovery and fresh air.

For a cohesive outing, to introduce the Gulf to a new employee or a client or just to breathe and enjoy

➡️​ think about Merzen cruises ​😉​😎​

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19 Mar 24

New place for TANGARA at the port of ARRADON

TANGARA today joined its new place at the Port of Arradon⚓

It is now at the end of the pontoon🅱️

Looking forward to seeing you there to go on a cruise on the Gulf 😎

➡️ www.merzen.fr 🌊🧘‍♂️

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29 Feb 24

Navigation license for Commercial Vessel renewed!

TANGARA is a Commercial Purpose Vessel (NUC). It must therefore comply with specific safety and compliance standards. He was checked in this context a few days ago by an inspector from the Ship Safety Center and his navigation license has been renewed ✅​🤝​

​➡️​Choosing to sail with a professional whose boat status is NUC (do not hesitate to inquire and even require the navigation license that mentions this), is like choosing to rent a boat from a professional rental company => it's choosing security!

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27 Jan 24

La Saint Valentin approche et vous cherchez LE cadeau ​pour votre moitié ?

 Offrir une croisière privative MERZEN, c'est offrir une expérience riche en émotions, un moment unique et hors du temps lors d'une navigation sur le Golfe du Morbihan à bord d'un bateau réservé rien que pour vous 2 !

 Sur www.merzen.fr, vous pouvez au choix soit réserver directement la croisière privative à la date et créneau de votre choix soit opter pour une carte cadeau afin de réaliser la croisière quand vous et votre moitié le souhaiterez ! 

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20 Jan 24

Merzen: establishment recommended 2024 by Petit Futé 🤩​🤩​🤩​

TANGARA 🚤​ now proudly displays the Establishment recommended 2024 plaque by Petit Futé ​🤩​​🤩​🤩​

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28 Dec 23

Tailor-made private cruises

The proposed tours or times don't quite suit you? A special situation? A special wish? Are you a group of more than 6 passengers? Etc.

➡️Do not hesitate to contact me, after studying your request, I will be able to offer you a solution and a quote for a tailor-made private cruise!

➡️Customized cruises take place, depending on the situation and what you want to do, either with TANGARA or with a semi-rigid type boat which allows you to sneak anywhere in the Gulf and dock on the slipways and even the beaches of the islands!

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21 Dec 23

STERED clothing in the colors of MERZEN!

Choosing to equip myself with STERED clothing for MERZEN was obvious! I really like the clothes and the values of this Breton brand!


Now find these clothes on my site www.merzen.fr (click&collect section) to equip yourself too!

For any order placed, I offer you the shipping costs and if you live nearby, I can deliver to the port of Arradon or Locmariaquer (by appointment)!


I wish you a happy Christmas and New Year

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09 Dec 23

Resumption of cruises from December 22!

Final straight line of the winter construction site for TANGARA 🛥 which will soon leave the LE BLAN MARINE construction site where it is under the care of the team of mechanics (50% mechanics, 50% magicians)!

Resumption of cruises from December 22 to enjoy the beautiful lights of winter on the Gulf almost empty of boats at that time 🤩😍

Book your private cruise now on the website ww.merzen.fr 🌊🧘‍♂️

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Sans titre

Sans titre

21 Nov 23

You can now offer a MERZEN cruise!

For Christmas, a birthday, a special occasion or just to please, offer a unique experience: full of emotions, discoveries, wonder, change of scenery, fresh air and pleasure: a private MERZEN cruise on the Gulf from Morbihan!

Now find the MERZEN range of cruises in the form of gift cards on the website www.merzen.fr

You can also opt for gift vouchers if you don't know which cruise to give!

Do not hesitate to contact me for any requests and additional information.

Franck, the captain of the Merzen cruises / contact.merzen@gmail.com

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08 Oct 23

Merzen recommended Petit Futé 2023

Very happy and very proud that Merzen is a Petit Futé recommended establishment 2023! 😃​🚤​⚓​

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01 Oct 23

Low season rates from October 1 to March 31

Merzen is open all year round (except for annual boat maintenance from mid-November to early December) and from October 1 to March 31, take advantage of ""low season"" rates to discover or rediscover the Gulf of Morbihan aboard TANGARA a secure and comfortable boat privatized for you, your family or your friends for half a day or a day.

In autumn and even in winter, the navigations are magical with far fewer boats on the Gulf, very different lights and landscapes.

See you soon on the Gulf!

Franck, the captain of the Merzen cruises